Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Guide to MECOP and CECOP

MECOP/CECOP - mkp / skp

You’ve probably heard these acronyms before and wondered what the heck everyone is ranting and raving about. Well, it’s worth your time to find out!

MECOP and CECOP are cooperative learning programs for engineering students. MECOP is for mechanical, electrical, computer engineering and computer science students. CECOP is for civil engineering students. MECOP/CECOP are similarly run programs- they both involve a competitive application and interview process in order to be selected to participate. Once selected, you are placed into two different six-month internships and earn about $18/hr.

Applications for MECOP/CECOP are due in April of your sophomore year (or rather, when you have about two years left of schooling). Don't wait until the last minute either! Applications are mailed in, so be sure to leave time for the snail mail process.

If your application is approved, you will head to Corvallis in May for a behavioral interview. The interview is conducted by about five industry representatives. Sounds a little scary, right? Never fear, Frank Goovaerts, Director of Student Career Success, offers workshops to prepare you for behavioral interviews!

If you get accepted, placement involves another interview, this time with about thirty representatives from the companies looking to hire interns. This interview focuses more on your resume and skill sets, giving the reps a good idea of whether you have the skills they are looking for in an intern.

While the majority of participating companies are in the Portland Metro region, your internship could be out of town - for example, Boeing in Auburn, WA.

MECOP Timeline
CECOP is essentially the same, but timing on the internships vary.
  • Students apply in April of their sophomore year 
  • In the summer before their junior year, applicants learn if they have been accepted into the program 
  • Placement at a company occurs the following January 
  • The first internship starts in the spring term of junior year and runs into the summer 
  • The second internship for takes place in the summer after senior year 
  • Once students complete their two internships, they normally have about a term or two to finish school before graduating 
The benefits of MECOP/CECOP are endless. Not only will you get to make a decent amount of money, but you get an entire year of experience for your resume. What’s more, 80% of MECOP/CECOP interns are hired after they graduate by one of the participating companies - and it isn’t always the one they interned with. MECOP/CECOP experience is highly valued by employers.

The application process for MECOP/CECOP may seem a little hectic and intimidating at first, but don’t get discouraged! Frank is here to help. As the representative for these programs at Maseeh College, he can answer any questions you may have. He also holds workshops in January that review the application process.
Don’t think MECOP or CECOP is for you? Be sure to check with your department and the Maseeh College Jobs & Internship Portal about other opportunities!

International students, it is recommended that you speak with your advisor before applying to MECOP/CECOP.
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