Ambassador Profiles

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The Maseeh College Student Ambassadors are a team of undergraduate student employees that work with the Dean’s Office to represent the college to classrooms, prospective students and many other audiences with a particular focus on inspiring more students and underrepresented populations to consider Engineering and Computer Science as a career. They are available to help other students navigate their experience at PSU and oversee many of the STEM-related youth outreach events. 
Maseeh College Student Ambassadors are available to:
  • Give in-class presentations regarding what to expect at Maseeh College
  • Lead hands-on community outreach and assist with co-curricular activities
  • Guide building and lab tours at Maseeh College
If you  would like to connect with the Student Ambassador team or are interested in scheduling a tour of Maseeh College or please contact Yerewelle de Rouen, Recruitment and Outreach Advisor at 503-725-5030 or derouen@cecs.pdx.edu for more information.

Ambassador Bloggers

Corey Castelow

Environmental Engineering
From Norfolk, VA

Why engineering? "I always saw myself doing something to help people and the environment. I also have always loved math and science. Environmental engineering seemed like the best way to combine my interests and strengths."

Favorite thing about Portland: "I love how walkable it is! And all the delicious food. Maseeh College gives you the opportunities of a big university, but with a smaller university feel. It's an awesome environment and loves its students." 

Secret talent: "I play the ukulele. That isn't something that comes up too often in engineering."

Mary Grace Gusso

Computer Science - Biomedical Informatics
From Beaverton, OR

Educational background: "I am a transfer student from PCC. Actually I am still currently a co-admitted student, although I am not currently taking any classes at PCC."

Living off-campus: "The College has a lot of resources available to its students. Those who live farther from campus can remotely access most of their files and programs from home. For me this has been a great help when it comes to getting school work done. "

Advice for noobs: "It would have been great to have known there were a few microwaves in the building when I started, also explore Maseeh student clubs!"

Gabe Rosati

Computer Science
From Portland, OR

Why computer science? "As a computer science student I am constantly learning how new ideas can be used to solve new types of problems, and that is exciting. Software is key to society today and I hope to contribute to worthy solutions."

Educational experience: "I am a post-bac (I have a BA in Business from the PSU School of Business)."

Why Maseeh? "It's a small engineering college with class-A facilities in the center of the city, it's part of the largest public university in Oregon, and it's surrounded by leading technology companies that inform its programs and respect its graduates. Few engineering colleges in the world that offer all that.

Gwen Shaw

Civil Engineering
President of Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
From Portland, OR

Why Maseeh? "I spent two terms at Oregon State University before realizing it wasn’t for me and I transferred to PSU for spring term. Now that I’ve been here for over a year, I just love it even more!"

STEM career advice: "Get as much done as you can early. Once those hard classes hit you, you’ll thank yourself for taking math or something over the summer. It’s not all about the 4.0; experience it truly the biggest teacher in STEM because there’s no other way to find out if you’ll really enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll be able to see what you learn in action. "

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