Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's in a name?

Prototyped is Maseeh College’s community blog. It celebrates our culture and accomplishments across all disciplines. It is also a centralized resource for students to find information about opportunities beyond the classroom, connect with like-minded peers, and get inspired to make their educational experience their own.

Naming something meant to appeal to all of Maseeh College was surprisingly difficult. By default, our identity is defined by department. This makes sense for many practical reasons, but presents a challenge when uniting our community as a whole.

If there is one thing that all engineers and computer scientists share, it is the experience of building a prototype.

The word prototype derives from the Greek πρῶτος (protos), "first" and τύπος
(typos), "impression." As much as it is an internal communications tool, prototyped is also meant to show the world what Maseeh College is made of.

If you have a story or submission you’d like to promote please get in touch.

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