Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Research Now: Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program

10:40 PM

Last quarter in a post-midterm catatonia I was watching some sci fi space explorers on TV, when I realized something: our millennial spaceships might be as disappointing as our jetpacks and “androids”, but we still have the opportunity to explore the unknown, recording strange new knowledge and making history - through research here at Maseeh College.
At MCECS, not only is the college geared to support undergraduate participation in research, but it is one of only 14 institutions participating in the Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program (URMP) through a grant from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (the world’s leading technology research consortium). Through a combination of MCECS and SRC funds, paid research positions are available to explore your interests in-depth and see if graduate school and a future in research might be for you.
As a URMP participant, you work closely with a research faculty mentor throughout the academic year. The schedule of your research duties is flexible around your course load, and you have the opportunity to participate in SRC conferences like TECHCON where you can develop key academic and industry connections. Finally, you get to participate in a research symposium at the end of spring and present your accomplishments to the community. Experiences like these are key advantages going forward, particularly when applying to graduate school.
Research is the definition of cutting edge, and researchers have the opportunity to lead science and technology in new directions. At Maseeh College undergraduates are empowered to take these leadership roles and be pioneers, charting the unknown here on earth (and in orbit) so that maybe, one day, an MCECS blogger can strain new analogies from a far flung galaxy.
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