Monday, April 28, 2014

Late-Night Component Cravings?

1:24 PM
The IEEE store and vending machine provides resources to electrical and computer engineering students who need to purchase parts to complete their required labs.

What’s better than having a vending machine filled with snacks that (may or may not) leave you feeling satisfied? One filled with hardware components of course!

The PSU chapter of IEEE contributes to their Maseeh College community by supplying components and hardware at their student store and vending machine. Before the start of each term Kris Gibbs, IEEE store manager, coordinates with ECE professors to make sure that the store is well stocked. She also has her faithful store volunteers assist her by assembling lab kits that students can purchase at the start of each term. The store is also packed with other components, hardware, engineering paper, and snacks available to students from all majors.

You know that moment when you’re working into the night with your group on a term project and you discover that you are missing a critical component - but the store is closed?! Have no fear young ECE student, there is a vending machine full of commonly used components waiting to save your skin. (Now, if it is the case that the part you need is not in the vending machine... this might be a good opportunity for you to take a break and catch up on some sleep).

The IEEE student chapter also provides developmental workshops for the student community. Topics range from the skill-based, such as soldering, to professional resume or mock interview workshops. Members also have the opportunity to volunteering with IEEE Oregon, the professional section, which is a great way for student members to network regionally or even worldwide.

For more information or to see what the student branch is up to visit their web site here or at ieeeDOTpdxDOTedu.
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