Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Get Involved! Q&A with Viking Motorsports

5:14 PM

Maseeh College student groups are crowdfunding now until October 31 to raise money for their projects. Learn more about Viking Motorsports and their their campaign at the College's Portland State of Mind Open House on Tuesday, October 21st from 2-5 pm. 

Q: Please introduce yourself, your school standing and your position in the group!
A: Hello! My name is Evan Yand, and I am on my 3rd year majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am the President of Viking Motorsports.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year?
A: I am most looking forward to seeing the cars that the team contributed to drive for the first time. It takes many months of work to get this far, and it is super exciting to meet that goal. After the cars are able to drive, a lot of what we have to do from there is tuning, rather than design.

Q: What are some exciting new events/projects your group will be starting?
A: We are doing our second-ever electric vehicle, so it will be great to see how it is refined for 2015. While we have a team this year that is mostly comprised of returning members, very few of us were around before last year. This experience factor will make things much more smooth for us this year.

Q: What can students get out of by being involved with your group?
A: All of our members are trained in skills like machining, welding, and CAD. There is also a massive opportunity to develop other skills that are learned in class, or by working on the car alone. We also present valuable opportunities to network and learn from industry professionals, from our advisors to officials we see at the annual competition.

Q: How can others help?
A: Join the team by contacting us at . You can also come and knock on our door at EB 495, and someone is usually in the room in the afternoon.

Q: What difference will a successful crowdfunding make? What can this support enable you to accomplish?
A: It is inherently expensive to build a machine as complicated and dynamic as a racecar. Donations make this project possible, and make it easier for us to give Maseeh College students a once in a lifetime opportunities with the team.
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