Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Surviving Midterm Week

4:46 PM

Yet another midterm week has passed and I am astonished to say that I have survived! Yay! Now that midterms are over, it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t studying for them.

The experience starts when your professor reminds you that the midterm is coming up. That’s when your heart starts palpitating. You begin frantically scheduling all of your free moments in the library as your brain screams, “Go! Study! Work!” This is just the beginning of a stressful period of your life.

School is tough, that’s the fact of the matter. That’s why I recommend designating some time, regardless of how much studying you have to do, to something you enjoy doing.

Food and coloring page.
Something I am really grateful for is the Midterm Stress Relief event held by PSU's Programming Board, an organization that really does try to look out for the well-being of students. I appreciate how I don't have to worry about scantrons (they provide them for free).

Every term I look forward to the free food. I decided to reward myself with fruit, veggies, and cupcakes that you could decorate, after I finished coloring the coloring sheets provided at the event. I have to admit that I caused a little stress within myself trying to color within the lines, but I cannot deny that I had loads of fun.

Free scantrons and the M&M jar.
There was also a M&M guessing contest where you guess how many M&Ms are in a jar. I guessed 112 because that's what I am hoping to get on my exam... 112%.... A person can never be too optimistic!

However, this event did burst my bubble at one point. Most of my life, I have told myself that I am completely a cat person, so I felt an uneasiness with how excited I was to pet a therapy dog. The dogs at the event were so friendly, and friendly faces are always nice to see during stressful times.

Heather, a finance major
Of course, going to PSU's Midterm Stress Relief events are not the only ways to unwind during midterm week. Heather, a finance major, enjoys eating and going out with her friends in order to relax. She also enjoys massages, another activity that was  part of the event! Heather says that the massage was great, so I am definitely getting one at the next event.

After the week is over, I like to take naps, especially since I lose many hours of sleep while studying for my exams. Nothing is better than relaxing after midterm week. Except sleeping after finals week!

Photos provided by the  Portland State Programming Board
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