Monday, April 21, 2014

Research Opportunities Abound

In January, Amin Almassian and Jens Burger, grad students in computer science and electrical and computer engineering, visited a one-week workshop on neuromorphic engineering at UCSD in San Diego.

The workshop was well organized but also offered a relaxed atmosphere to meet leading researchers from all over the world. Five to six invited talks were offered each day. In between each talk attendees networked with new colleagues. Student participants were also able to present their own research at a poster session. 

"This was a very exciting experience knowing that the leading researchers will look at ones work," said Jens. "We hope that this story will encourage other students and faculty to actively participate in such events."

You can learn more about Amin and Jens's work on reservoir computing with Dr. Christof Teuscher at the Teuscher.:Lab website.

Maseeh College offers many unique opportunities to contribute to research as a graduate student, but also as an undergrad. Current or prospective graduate students are encouraged to contact Maseeh College departments to learn more about specific opportunities. For more information about the Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program (URMP) visit this previous post or the URMP webpage.
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